Welcome to emisciency!

We are an environmental non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation that has set sail to reduce greenhouse gas output in developing countries. To achieve this goal, we carry out small- and micro-scale projects to increase energy efficiency of local homes and businesses.

We want to be more than a project coordinator, and more than a trader in the European carbon certificate market: a hub between financial resources on the one side, and project implementation on the other side with the prime goal of reducing green house emissions.

Financial resources may be provided by corporate partners that seek to advertise their environmental responsibility or want to reduce their dependency on the European carbon market by in-house generation of carbon certificates. Money will also come from the sale of emission certificates on the European certificate market. And if we deem a project worth supporting, we will consider providing our own funds.

The projects which we allocate the resources to will be implemented by our local partners, but we will also carry out our own projects and collaborate with international partners.

Emisciency’s main activity, however, is the allocation of the raised funds to these projects. This does not only include the identification and evaluation of potential projects, but also — and in particular — the complex registration and monitoring of the implemented projects.

Emisciency is designed to work on a grassroots principle. It will live and depend on your contributions to the cause. If you share our goals and philosophy, You can help emisciency. You can make emisciency happen. You can be emisciency: Explore our website to find out more about our methods, how to become a project partner and how else to contribute to save our planet!