Conference successful!

On 20 March 2012, we held our first conference on the CDM and the progress in the development of emisciency at the Law School of Newcastle University. A group of students and interested guests listened to the presentations of our five team members.

The presentations were on:

1. CDM (Matthias Schmidt)

2. Baseline Methodologies (Dirk Böhler)

3. Project Conduct (Lukas Vollmer)

4. Malaysia (Eldarina Wijaya)

5. Legal Entity (Magnus Kramer)

After the presentations, we had a lively discussion about tasks and possibilities of our project. Together with the audience we developed ideas and pointed out important steps we have to undertake in order to get emisciency up and running. We tried to elaborate a plan on what kind of project would be the best to get started with. Regarding to that we discussed the potential of a cooperation with the Argentinian green living project Green Village. You can find a list of our findings below:

Tasks emisciency:

  • Identify  legal structure as the basis of the emisciency foundation (e.g. common law ‘Incorporated Trustees’,  or the German model ‘Verein’)
  • Find model project and gather experiences developing baseline scenarios and methodologies
  • Develop an organisational structure
  • Set up a communication platform, forum, server or something similar
  • Find and contact NGOs that are already carrying out projects concerning energy efficiency and renewable energies for advisory service and cooperation purposes
  • Ask Refugees United about their fundraising method


  • Identify the potential of increasing energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy technologies
  • Send it to us with some comments (pre-evaluated)
  • We (i.e. emisciency) will revise the proposal and check the possibilities to start a CDM project
  • Identify more potential partners

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