New Project Strategy

Subrit (our partner in India) and I had a talk about potential CDM projects in New Delhi. I told him that we wanted to start with something like the OSRAM LIGHTBULB EXCHANGE project that is described nicely on p. 39-41 of this (English) brochure.

(If you are interested, the project data for this project as provided by the official CDM database (including the PDD) is accessible here)

He suggested correctly that it is much easier to contact construction enterprises and to offer them to pay for the premium for more efficient equipment FOR NEW TO-BE-CONSTRUCTED BUILDINGS BEFORE THE STUFF IS BEING BUILT IN. That way, we save the cost and effort of getting the old stuff out and discarding it properly. He also happens to have some respective contacts. I think this is a very good idea.

More important than light bulbs, btw, are ACs, which consume large amounts of energy and, which surprised me, as I’m used to chillier temperatures, can be found in literally every private household in India.

I collected some data which we will need to assess the feasibility of such a project:

Price for CER Future: Currently  4.02 – 5.37 € (depending on the year they are promised for. Tendency: The later, the more expensive, as the amount of allowances issued by the European Union will reduce and demand for certificates from offset projects (i.e., CERs) is hence expected to rise). Source:  EEX.

Carbon emissions per electricity consumption, based on the Indian energy mix: 0.850 kgCO2/kWh. Source: PDD of OSRAM project, page 20.

Price premium and efficiency improvement of better ACs: Subrit estimated a price premium of 60 £ (73 €) and a consumption reduction of 40 %. The total consumption was unknown.

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