Methodology Found

For our residential A/C project described here before, the methodology AMS-III.AE seems to be exactly what we were looking for (see the first link for the actual document, and find a summary on page 200 of the document behind the third link):  Energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in new residential buildings!

This is a great relief, as I was actually skeptical whether we would have the resources to write down our own methodology and get it approved. We won’t have to worry about that one any more. Regarding the baseline identification, which we imagined to be particularly difficult, it simply states:

Baseline residences are those that have been built and occupied within the prior five years from the start of the project activity, are not part of the project activity, are within approximately 100 kilometers of the project residences, and, as compared to project residences, have a similar size in terms of floor area (within approximately ± 50%), are located in a similar micro-climate (e.g., similar average rainfall, wind, and temperature), and are occupied by residents of a similar socio-economic class.

Unfortunately, the methodology has not been used yet by others – it is unclear if this is an indication of poor financial feasibility or something else, but in any event it means that we cannot orientate our PDD on an existing project but have to go the 40 pages on our own.

Our next steps should be to examine the methodology, to understand it, and to let some estimated numbers run through the provided equations to see what potential we are actually dealing with.

Also, I wonder how many to-lists we have made so far, and how many bullet points we have actually marked as done.

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