The end of the tunnel

Consider the fact that is has been almost seven months since we last posted something on this blog, and you will realise how deep the CDM crisis is. With prices of EU ETS allowances having dropped from around €20 to below €5 in less than two years, and Canada having opted out of its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, there is little need for carbon certificates generated under the Clean Development Mechanism. And as if this global obstacle was not enough to discourage our efforts to reduce emissions in developing countries, we are facing difficulties originating in the–otherwise quite fortunate–new employment of most of our members. Entering the workforce has improved our members’ respective financial situation, but it has also diminished our ability to engage in other time-consuming activities such as emisciency.

But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. My occupation in the Government service will soon take me to New Delhi, India, for three months. This period will comprise weekends enough to visit and document some of India’s many projects with a prospect of writing an analysis of the faults and benefits of specific ways to implement the scheme. This should enable us to hit the ground running once carbon prices recover, or once a new scheme is to succeed a CDM that is finally considered by the UN to have failed.

After more than half a year of silence, once more I promise that I will keep you posted.

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