About us

Emisciency is a not-for-profit organisation that helps protect the environment and promote sustainable development by increasing energy efficiency in local communities in developing countries. Energy efficiency is crucial not only for the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases; it also helps reduce the costs of living and running a business. It’s simple: A family or shopkeeper using more efficient equipment spends less money on electricity and has more money left for other things!

Our strategy is to help families and small- and micro-scale businesses replace their old equipment by new, more efficient technology; projects can start with the lightbulbs of an apartment building or the air condition of a store. Another possibility is the capture and transformation of methane (a very strong greenhouse gas that is often emitted from local waste tips) into electricity and carbon dioxide, a less dangerous greenhouse gas. Tell us now if you want to reduce your energy bill or know somebody who wants to!

For the reduction of emissions achieved, we will receive money from the European emission certificates market, which again will be used to finance further projects. We are also open to funding by companies that wish to acknowledge and fulfil their social and environmental responsibility. Learn more about how to participate in our global effort to save the climate and add a green image to your corporate identity!

And, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any given time – we are waiting for you!