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Emisciency is built upon the Clean Development Mechanism, or CDM. CDM is one of the mechanisms defined in the Kyoto Protocol to fight global warming. It allows industrialised countries to invest in emission reductions wherever it is most economic (‘to reach for the low-hanging fruit’) and aims to promote clean development in emerging markets. For the reduction of greenhouse emissions, the projects are credited with emission certificates (called CERs) which then again can be exchanged into European Union Allowances (EUAs) and traded on the European carbon market (i.e. in the EU Emission Trading Scheme, EU ETS) or more project funds.

Setting up and executing a CDM approved project is a very complicated, bureaucratic and time-consuming process. This is where emisciency comes into play. We find project opportunities in development countries and contributors for funds in developed countries (Annex I countries, as the Kyoto Protocol calls them) and realise these projects. Contributors may be companies interested in the reduction of greenhouse emissions as well as individuals who want to contribute to a project.

Emisciency does not have commercial interest. All of our efforts aim at the reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainable development. It is built openly, to make it easy for anyone to join us in our cause. Feel free to contact us for further information!