Project Partnership

Emisciency is open to and welcoming project proposals from those who want to benefit – in fact, your participation is what distinguishes our grassroots-orientated organisation from other, top-down approaching development entities! Just to state the obvious – you know more about the energy consumption and the respective saving potential of your home and your business than we can even imagine. You are in touch with your neighbours and business partners and know their demand for more efficient facilities, while we can only make an educated guess. You might have heard of an environmental hazard stemming from your local waste tip, but we would never know about it.

This is why we strongly encourage you to ask us for support if you want to modernise your electric lighting, air condition or any other consumptive equipment; tell us if you know about any other waste of energy that could be stopped with a little foreign investment. Look here for some inspiration!

To ease communication, we kindly ask you to fill out and send in our project proposal document. Don’t worry if you are struggling with some of the details – we will always be happy to answer any questions as quickly as possible! Just send us a quick informal email to the address provided on the bottom of the project proposal document.

What happens after submitting the project proposal?

After you send in the project proposal document, we will consider whether
we can carry out the project you proposed, and if we need to make some adjustments. This will probably take some time, and we might need to contact you for further information. If we are confident that the project will be a success, we will inform you and initiate the project registration procedure. Please note that we can probably not implement the project without your continuing cooperation – in fact, we want you to be involved as much as possible! If, however, you consider yourself unable to co-manage a project, don’t be worried – we will find a way to make your idea happen.